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Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Cooker

Sanyo Makes The World’s First Rice Bread Maker – GOPAN

Sanyo has created the world’s first rice bread cooker – GOPAN that allows you to easily make rice bread in your home from rice grain.  Of course this amazing machine not only makes rice bread it can make conventional wheat bread as well in addition to a whole range of gourmet breads.  There’s even a gluten free setting for those on gluten free diets allowing them to make gluten free bread at home with ease – as well as being able to make bread for much less than you can purchase most gluten free breads in your local store.

Over the years, Sanyo made rice bread makers which could bake rice-flour bread. But, because of the limited availability of rice flour and consequently its high price, rice-flour bread baking never caught on. So, Sanyo developed the Gopan to make home-milled rice flour.  Taking a hint from the conventional rice-flour bread baking process in which rice flour is mixed with water, Sanyo invented an out-of-the-box rice milling method which mills rice grain into rice paste after softening it in water.

Gopan BreadmakerThe Sanyo Gopan rice bread maker uses a normal/reverse turn mechanism, developed for use in rotary appliances, such as blenders, enables the entire rice bread baking process of milling (making rice paste), kneading, rising, and baking to be performed in one easy to use machine. (Baking time: Approximately 4 hours)

The Sanyo Gopan is simple to use. In the bread pan, place washed rice, water, salt, sugar, and shortening. Then place dry yeast in the automatic ingredient dispenser on the upper side and just press the start button. After the automatic process of milling, kneading, rising, and baking, a tasty rice bread appears.  It is not cooked rice, wheat bread, or even rice-flour bread. It’s a Rice Bread made with rice at home!

The Sanyo Gopan has a Gluten Free Bread Setting

The new Sanyo Gopan bread maker comes with a “Wheat-Free Setting,” for those on gluten free diets.  Making gluten free rice bread is easy. Simply place the ingredients in the Gopan, select the “Wheat-Free Setting” and press the start button. (Baking time: Approximately 3 hours 20 minutes).  With no need to use specially-blended ingredients, wheat-free rice bread baking can be done easily and economically at any time.

With the Gopan rice bread maker, you can enjoy making a wide variety of nutritious bread rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, etc. by using ingredients like brown rice and minor grains. Of course the Gopan is just as good at making wheat bread, bread dough, and wild yeast bread as other bread makers in addition to being able to make rice bread.Sanyo Gopan rice bread maker

Now, what is the one drawback to this amazing kitchen appliance?  The Sanyo Gopan rice bread maker is not cheap.  They’re not so easy to find outside of the US either.  Amazon sometimes has them – they had 3 in stock at the time of this writing.  And the price?  Around $1400.  $1400 is a lot to pay for a bread machine – even one that makes rice bread and gluten free bread.  Check it out for yourself  – take a look at the Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Maker



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