Sanyo Rice Cookers

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The Best Sanyo Rice Cookers

Sanyo rice cookers are well known for quality and dependable rice cookers and have earned Sanyo a well deserved reputation for customer satisfaction.  They are constantly introducing innovative new rice cooker models.  One of the latest is a rice cooker that makes tofu.  Below are some of the most popular Sanyo rice cookers categorized according to their cooking capacity.  Also take a look at our review of the best Sanyo rice cookers under $100.  If you are looking for an instruction manual for a Sanyo rice cooker you can find them here:  Sanyo Rice Cooker Instruction Manuals.

Sanyo 3 Cup Rice Cookers

Ideal for small families or those living on their own, these rice cookers hold three cups of rice. Models available in this range include the ECJ-E35 Sanyo rice cooker and the ECJ-S35K Sanyo rice cooker. Both come with inner pots with a non-stick coating. Both of these rice cooker models also have a warming function that keeps your rice warm for you.  These rice cookers also allow to steam foods such as vegetables, dim sums, and more.  Makes cooking rice so simple one doesn’t need a chemistry degree to do it.

Sanyo rice cookers with a  3.5 cup capacity are also available.  These models include the ECJ-E35 Sanyo rice cooker and  ECJ-S35 models.  These models also come with non-stick coatings and provide both warming and steaming functions.  In addition they are equipped with digital features.

5 cup Sanyo Rice Cookers

For larger families or for those who often have guests, you can choose either the  EC-505 Sanyo rice cooker that holds 5 cups of rice, or choose one of the ECJ-N55F, ECJ-N55W, ECJ-C5105, ECJ-HC55S or ECJ-JG10W Sanyo rice cooker models, all of which hold 5.5 cups of rice. These 5 cup rice cookers are ideal when cooking for a medium sized group and want to add a rice dish to your menu.

Sanyo 8 Cup Rice Cookers and Larger

Those with large families you can choose from models such as the EC-510 Sanyo rice cooker, the ECJ-M100S, and the Sanyo ECJ-HC100  all of which make up to 10 cups of rice.  There are even larger rice cookers available for those who need to accommodate large groups and for the restaurant and commercial market.  Take a look at commercial rice cookers.

Regardless of the size of rice cooker you require or the features that you want, you can find a Sanyo rice cooker to suit your needs. Take a look at the best Sanyo rice cookers

Sanyo ECJ-HC100 rice cooker review

A great Sanyo rice cooker that even allows you to cook tofu!

Sanyo Gopan Rice Bread Maker

This is not a rice cooker, rather it is a high end bread maker made by Sanyo that allows you to make bread from rice.  Of course you can make a variety of other breads with it as well, including gluten free breads.  The amazing feature of this machine is that it actually mills rice and then turns it into bread.  Read our article here on the Sanyo Gopan