Sanyo Rice Cooker Recipes

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Try Some Unique Rice Cooker Recipes

Rice Cooker Fetish has quickly become our favorite source of information on rice cookers and particularly for unique rice cooker recipes.   They are a relatively new site but are steadily adding more and more great rice cooker recipes.  Their rice cooker recipes aren’t only confined to rice dishes, though they have those too.  Whether you’re cooking in a dorm room with a rice cooker as your only appliance, or in a fully outfitted kitchen you can learn how to expand the versatility of your rice cooker with their unique recipes. An added plus is that rice cooker recipes are almost always quick and simple to make and clean up is easy too.

Some of our favorite recent recipes include a rice cooker macaroni and cheese recipe, a rice cooker recipe for beer braised baby back ribs, a ham and cheese strata recipe and a recipe for rice pilaf among others.  They also accept and encourage you to share your own rice cooker recipes with them, so let them know if you have a great recipe you’d like to share.

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