Make A Pumpkin Pie In Your Rice Cooker

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Rice Cooker Pumpkin Pie

rice cooker pumpkin pie

Make a pumpkin pie in your rice cooker

Just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving, Rice Cooker Fetish has posted a recipe for making a pumpkin pie in your rice cooker.  They always have some unique and tasty rice cooker recipes over at Rice Cooker Fetish and this one is no exception.  Admittedly, if you’ve got access to an oven, cooking it in the traditional manner would be probably be a little easier and more likely to result in a nice looking pie.  However, if you don’t have an oven this 2015 holiday season or just want to try an unique recipe in your rice cooker for the novelty of it, this recipe would be fun to try and you’ll have a tasty pumpkin pie to put on your table.  I wish I’d had access to recipes like these while I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand.  My single kitchen appliance at that time was a rice cooker!