Enjoy Perfect Rice Each and Every Time

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Cooking Perfect Rice

Rice is an important staple food in many cultures throughout the world. It is also important in gluten free diets. Many people today want to incorporate more rice into their diets for healthier living.

Unfortunately, cooking rice on the stove top can be a real nightmare. Scorched pots, and either sticky or burned rice are the often the sad result.

Fortunately, you can enjoy perfectly cooked rice every time and try fabulous rice cooker recipes using one of today’s most useful kitchen appliances – the  rice cooker.  There are many rice cookers on the market in a wide range of models and price ranges. Obviously Sanyo rice cookers are one of our favorites, known for the their high quality and dependability.

A rice cooker with multiple cooking settings makes extremely good rice since it has a special cooking program for any kind of rice you want. From basic white rice to jasmine basmati, haiga, brown rice, and more – it lets you set the texture/firmness to your preference.

The rice cooker also automatically keeps the rice warm until you are ready to use it. Your rice stays warm and won’t dry out either.  A slow cook function is perfect for making stews and soups, cooking porridge and steel cut oatmeal too.

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