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We know…this is supposed to be a site focused on Sanyo rice cookers.  So…why are we featuring an Aroma rice cooker here?  Simply because this is a deal on a cheap rice cooker is so good we just had to bring it to your attention.

This is a basic rice cooker of course, no fancy porridge settings or tofu making features or anything like that.  It is a rice cooker and steamer so that offers a lot of cooking possibilities.  But for a cheap rice cooker at less than $17 you can’t really expect a rice cooker that’s going to wake you up in the morning with a fresh loaf of bread. But, you can get a good basic rice cooker that gives solid performance for that price, and that seems like a true bargain. Especially if you just happen to need a spare rice cooker around and don’t plan on using it all that often or are going to demand too much from it. Maybe you’d like a rice cooker to put in the RV or the summer cottage. It might be nice just to throw one in the trunk of your car and do a little cheap cooking in a hotel room while you’re on the road.

So, here it is –

The Aroma 6 cup rice cooker

Aroma rice cooker and steamer

A $17 rice cooker

Aroma is a well known rice cooker brand and have a lot of experience making good rice cookers.  This model is obviously at the extreme low end of their range but it’s still a good rice cooker, just with basic features.  It looks a bit different from your standard rice cooker due to it’s steamer configuration and it comes in red.  It can steam veggies and meat at the same time you’re cooking rice.  It has a non-stick inner pot, glass lid and a keep-warm feature.  You can check it out here along with 2 other cheap rice cookers and the best part is that it’s eligible for free shipping so, as long as you spend another $8 on another Amazon product to get your total up to $25, you won’t be paying anything extra for shipping.  Of course you aren’t required to buy anything else – but why wouldn’t you considering that any rice cooker you buy is going to cost more than $8 to ship.  Might as well get something else like.  So, there you go – a good, cheap rice cooker that will deliver solid performance for less than $17.

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Make healthy food fast with a rice cooker

Making Healthy Food In A Rice Cooker

Rice cookers and slow cookers are available in various shapes and sizes. They can vary according to the need and the type of food you would like to prepare in the it.

Rice cookers are often preferable to other forms of cooking since they allow you to prepare meals in less time and also use less energy.  It’s also a healthy form of cooking since no oil is required to cook most foods in a rice cooker.  There are a wide variety of excellent rice cooker recipes.

The top rice cooker brands in the US are Sanyo, Zojirushi, Aroma and Panasonic.   These brands are known for producing high quality and reliable rice cookers. They are available through many sites online as well at conventional retailers.  Amazon is one of the best sites for purchasing a rice cooker or simply to compare different brands and models.  This is due to their low prices, reputation for customer service and wide range of rice cooker brands and models.  You can search here for Rice Cooker Reviews


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Sanyo ECJ-S35K 3-1/2-Cup Rice Cooker with Bread Baking Function

Sanyo ECJ-S35K Rice Cooker

Fuzzy logic technology along with a modern design highlight the impressive ECJ-S35K Sanyo rice cooker/warmer with bread baking function. An extra thick, titanium coated 5MM non-stick inner pot with round bottom maximizes heat distribution and insures superb consistency in cooking. With the multi-menu settings, the fuzzy logic technology controls the temperature allowing you to easily prepare all varieties of rice as well as other grains such as quinoa, millet, oatmeal, etc.

The breadmaking function is a special feature of the Sanyo ECJ-S35K rice cooker.  You can easily make your own bread at home using the bread making setting.  You can also program meals to be ready when you want with the 24 hour preset timer and LCD clock. The pre-soak function allows setting of additional soak time before cooking to ensure the best tasting rice.

A reheat function heats the rice as hot as it was initially cooked while the keep warm function will keep the rice warm immediately after cooking. Clean up is no problem with the non stick inner pot. A retractable cord and carrying handle provide easy storing.  The Sanyo ECJ-S35K includes an exclusive Martin Yan Recipe Book with 16 original recipes from the celebrated master chef. These rice cooker recipes have been specially selected for creating easy and delicious dishes with Sanyo rice cookers. Also included are measuring cup and instruction manual. Black with deluxe stainless steel accents, this Sanyo rice cooker is available for purchase on Amazon.

Sanyo ECJ-S35KSanyo ECJ-S35K Rice Cooker Features

  • Rice cooker/warmer with micro-computerized technology
  • Bread-baking function; multi-menu selections for one-touch cooking
  • Nonstick inner pot; pre-soak option; reheat function; keep warm
  • LCD clock and timer; measuring cup, instructions, and recipes included

Rice Cooker Reviews by Amazon Customers

By Zak Nafien
I love this rice cooker. It really does make the best rice I have ever had. I make white rice mostly, and it always comes out all fluffy and perfectly moist. The pot’s thickness is really surprising, feels like a cast-iron pot covered in titanium! (yes, the non-stick coating is some mix of titanium instead of teflon)

By James E. Truchon (Charlotte, NC)
Originally purchased the Cuisinart Rice cooker/steamer and did not like the results. Bought this one on a friends recommendation and am very pleased. Rice comes out great, quality feels top notch.

The Sanyo ECJ-S35K is available on Amazon and is currently under $100 and comes with free shipping.



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Sanyo ECJ-S35K


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