Commercial Rice Cookers

Sanyo Commercial Rice Cookers

Commercial Sanyo Rice Cookers

Getting ready for that large once a year party? In-charge of a banquet for hundreds of hungry guests? Or are you a restaurant owner?  Special needs call for special equipment. If you need to make quantities of rice then you need to invest in a commercial rice cooker.  Industrial rice cooker meet the needs of restaurants and catering business in volume operations. A heavy-duty commercial rice cooker does the work for you when you need to cook large amounts of rice efficiently.

If your situation requires many servings of rice, then this is your answer. Every institution, restaurant or other business which requires cooking for a large numbers of people needs a commercial rice cooker.  Sanyo commercial rice cookers can cook as much as  five dozen cups of uncooked rice – an amount sure to satisfy even the largest groups. Not only are commercial rice cookers versatile, they also save both time and manpower.  They can basically cook rice on their own with no attention needed.  In addition, you can also use industrial size rice cookers to prepare brown rice, risottos, broths and even steamed vegetables.

Many models of Sanyo commercial rice cookers are available. From those with basic features to more advanced models, there are a wide variety of choices. Whatever suits your needs and finances you’re sure to fine a commercial rice cooker to suit your needs.

Features to look for in a Sanyo commercial rice cooker:

  • A heater not just on the bottom, but on the sides as well, to keep the rice warm and moist throughout the pan
  • Teflon or no-stick lining for ease in cleaning. Prevents rice from sticking in the pan also.
  • Keep warm feature for added convenience
  • Cool touch exterior and handles for safety
  • Air-tight lids to lock in food moisture and flavor
  • Lid with see through window to monitor the cooking process


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